The Comedian

Mike Rivera is a stand-up comedian, father and teacher. After decades of award-winning comedy and classroom experience, Rivera won
America’s Most Hilarious Teacher on ABC’s The View. He’s been seen on HBO, SHOWTIME, and comedy stages around the world.

A crowd-favorite at teaching conventions, Mr. Rivera delivers “teachable moments” packed with high-energy humor. He can deliver an entire show devoted to teaching.

Mr. Rivera’s toured the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. He rolls through a fast-paced set chock-full of clever observations and quick-witted jokes on everything from fatherhood and teaching to relationships. Whether headlining another club or featuring as a keynote, class is in session when Mr. Rivera takes the stage.

The Teacher

Whether he's delivering a lesson to engaged students or taking them on a trip overseas, Rivera connects with his students the way a comedian connects with his audience. He considers his kids to be the most important audience he faces.

"Comedy is about finding common ground and reaching the audience in a personal and meaningful way," Rivera says. "Teaching is no different, except the rewards continue long after the laughter stops."

The Author

From Stand-Up Comedian to Stand-Up Teacher is the story of America's Most Hilarious Teacher.

Mike brings together the unique perspectives of a nationally touring comedian and an award-winning teacher, with the purpose of invigorating today’s American classroom.

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Candice Black Walker
So entertaining to take what we do everyday and show us the hilarity in it. — Teacher
Candice Black Walker
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